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Commercial Controls

Commercial Controls

commercial air controllers

The Building Automated System is a computerized, intelligent network of electronic devices specifically designed to monitor and control the mechanical and lighting systems in a building.

When energy efficiency in a building increases, it's not only the utility bill that goes down. So do the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the burning of fossil fuels.

The smart environments we create for customers are efficient, safe and sustainable, which makes the occupants more productive and more comfortable. That's not just good for business, it's good for life.

These types of systems can be networked and controlled through the internet, making it convenient for you to control the environment of your business, even if you are not occupying it.

The benefits can include:

  • Reduced operating costs through energy management strategies
  • Easy to learn and use results in improved operator productivity
  • Helps provide consistent occupant comfort
  • Flexibility to grow with building expansions or remodeling reducing installation time and costs
  • Allows consistent and reliable operation with standard, pre-engineered and pre-tested applications
  • Easy troubleshooting and monitoring either on-site or from a remote location

Another great benefit? Reduced maintenance staff hours spent trying to adjust individual HVAC controls. Operators can adjust up to 100 units with one click of the mouse. The operator can also troubleshoot an HVAC unit, making changes and seeing real time unit operation without ever leaving his/her desk.

Some of the types of systems we install:

  • Commercial/Industrial Heating and Cooling
  • Chillers
  • Boilers
  • Parallel Refrigeration Rack Systems
  • Environmental Units
  • Wall Mount Telecom Systems
  • Refrigerator/Freezer Equipment
  • Ice Machines
  • Walk-In Coolers/Freezers

Systems Design and Project Management

We specialize in retrofitting older buildings with new heating and cooling systems. We'll also specialize in the installation of systems in new buildings from the ground up, including sizing, designing, installing and testing.